Life keeps changing

The day of the “life-changing-trip” is coming nearer. And I couldn’t be more afraid.

Well not exactly afraid, more nervous then afraid. It is going to be a huge change, and there is so much left to be done, getting documents, putting them to be translated, choose universities pally to them, fuck it’s a whole fucking lot (it does not sound like it but trust me it is). And there is also the “non-mandatory-but almost mandatory” part, the social interactions, no not making new friends upon arrival, but telling the “old” ones of this, the coffees before departure and all that. Because truth being told, the next time i come to Portugal it’s only to visit, not to live again, and honestly, i plan on keeping like that for life.

This is a freighting time for me, but I’m also filled with hope.

For a better future i walk, i mean fuck even in the story i like the hero had to take some kind of learning trip, look ate Naruto for instance for 3 years we went to the forrgyfroggy mountain (too lazy to look up the name), and look how strong he was after that….

Life is now showing me a way, a new way to go I have the strength in me to face it and do my best, with a smile on my face, and THAT is what i’ll do

Tom Signing off


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