The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time

Special Edition Box Art

OK Time to review an old favorite, The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of time

As I said before (in my Portuguese reviews) my reviews are the reflection of my opinion and not an independent neutral of view.

Now that we are past the small talk and warnings, I think it’s time for me to start this review.

This is considered a classic game, and one of the best games from the 64bit era, if not one of the best games ever. It was originally released in Japan in the 21th of November 1998, and it was the first Legend of Zelda to be presented in a 3D environment (the previous titles were in either top-down view or side-scrollers).

My first contact with this game was in the summer of 2003 when it came as a part of the limited edition of Wind Waker, but unfortunately a series of events lead to the disappearance of both my GameCube and the game. But finally in 15 of February of 2012 I buy the amazing and glorious Nintendo 3DS Legend of Zelda Edition, which came with a copy of this amazing game. At first it was all I played, but other games, brand new games, came and unfortunately i pushed it aside, until I made my Hyrulan Crest tattoo, and said to myself “C’mon you HAVE TO finish it”, and so I did. In less then an instant i gathered the last sages and saved Hyrule….Upss getting ahead of myself. Long story short, it took me the longest time to finish the game abut now I made it.

An official and badass Poster

And now for the review;

Story wise it’s simply amazing, it has a great story with a fair share of characters (in terms of story a bit too many, even thought it works in the game, I mean as a gaming component), an interesting plot, even if a bit cliché, but kept me paying full attention to it (I didn’t want to skip any cut scenes).

Here we follow the amazing journey of Link, a young Kokiri, on his path to save Hyrule. First as a child and later as an young adult. A journey full of perils dangers and curious characters.

And it all begins with a premonition like nightmare, which awakes our hero, Link. A dream where a princess in kidnapped by a dark mysterious man. Later we understand that both characters are real, he is Gannondorf, the king of thieves, her the princess of Hyrule, Zelda. And it’s Link job to rescue her. To aid him on his quest he as a fairy, Navy, that is without any doubt the most annoying element of the game.

The 3DS gameplay

To complete his goal Link must travel in time changing between his child and adult form, he must face several dungeons awake sages and gather a unbelievable arsenal, that will proof not only useful in battle as well as in the many puzzles that away him.  The story will follow the “typical” good vs evil, with some twists, ending with a climatic final battle.

The game follows the typical “Legend Of Zelda” formula, few dungeons where halfway you will get an item that will be used in that dungeon puzzles and boss battle, as well as in the final dungeon recap. Even though this formula is a bit played out nowadays it was groundbreaking back in 98, but don’t get me wrong this game still stands out by today’s standards. The dungeons follow the theme of it’s sage (which are basic game elements like fire, darkness, water, etc) and each one presents several puzzles. The game offers a vast number of sceneries, from the inside of a fish to a haunted desert and even a thief fortress. And each location will offer a ton of sidequests, witch end up offering rh game a even bigger gameplay time.

The soundtrack is the cherry on top of the cake is the soundtrack, from the great Koji Kondo, heavily based in both ocarina and harp sounds (witch play a great role in the game) and the famous eerie dungeon sounds.

All in all i give this game a 99%, i consider it a masterpiece.

Tom Signing off….HEY LISTEN (i could not resist letting the annoying Navy cry)


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