Animal Crossing New Leaf

Box Art
Box Art

Imagine a world with no rushes, where the worst it can happen is the appearence of a cockroach. A world where you don’t have to do nothing you don’t want to. And above all you are loved by everyone.

Well this is Animal Crossing, in the latest installment of this long running series, you are the Mayor of a small town. Your days are spent calmly collecting bugs, fishes, fruits, works of art, furniture and bells(the game’s currency).

As I said before you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, and surprisingly, that give a big magic to the game, you are free to do what you wish (HEY NOT THAT this is a game to 6 years old and older). As the mayor you have some “duties”, as choosing where to build the infrastucres (fences coffeehouses, streetlamps, benches, etc) as to contribute to the town’s museum, where Blathers and his sister seem to live…oh silly owls….oh yeah i forgot….everyone is as animal except for you….yeah it’s true from Isabela the pooch that is also you secretary, to raccoons that operate a real estate business to Pelicans delivering mail you have it all. A simple and innocent yet addictive game, where all you have to do is nothing. ((But you could say that this game ultimate goal it’s to collect (from the bugs to the exclusive items that cost you streetpass coins to furniture sets)))

There are tons of cool features like each villager has it’s birthday and you might get invited to his/her party, as well when it’s your birthday you also get a party. But not all animals are vilagers, some of them are shop keepers, mail-pelicans etc, some of them reside in your town,Blathers, Nook, etc some of the travel around, like Kathy, Guliver, etc. But all of them has a speacil little something.

Every now and then there are special event, some of them very close to our hearts, such as Halloween, new years, etc. As well as special in game events such as contests (so far i only had the chance to try the bug catching one….kinda interesting), firework shows, star showers, just to name a few.

An old screenshot of mine, my first Sleeping Room in the first floor
An old screenshot of mine, my first Sleeping Room in the first floor

Well i can’t really describe this game, after all it’s one of those games where ALL that matters are the little things, well truth being said this game is only little things.

Each villager it’s diferent not only in looks but in personality, and you will make some friends and have villagers you want to kick out…well a lot….

There is a feature that is actually very interesting, the screenshot one, pressing L and R at the same time will take a picture of your upper screen, saving it in you SD card, and you have the chance to upload it to such sites as Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, etc….all directly from your 3DS

My rating:85% –An interesting game, very well built. A cute OST, very simple yet efficient to create the feeling of peace. All and all it takes the 3DS to a new standard….a Must have-

“Mayor Tom” signing off…


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