10 Days in Dubai

room with a viewSo far ten days have passed since I moved to Dubai, and on top of my head I can say one thing…IT’S HOT

I guess more then anything the temperatures where what shocked me the most, even thought it’s only for a brief moment in time (since all cars and houses have a mighty powerful AC).

MiddlesexWell intros, apart a lot as happened since I moved, I’ve been accepted in three universities (two Aussies ((Murdoch and Wollongong)) and a British  one ((Middlesex))) and I’ve already enrolled in one of them (MIDDLESEX). Tomorrow I’m finishing my admission process with the registration day…I’m SO looking forward to it. Oh and i want to join the volley team, and I want to pass everything at first try and and and….(OMG i sound like a hysterical pre-teen girl….well in my defense I’m pretty much PUMPED). The campus in right in the heart of Internet city (yeah I know looks like a cheesy late 90’s sci-fi name…but awesome nonetheless). Several buildings, a recording studio (not that I plan on recording anything), a huge library. Ok ok i know you got it already…sorry I’m that exited. I’ve enrolled in both the volley team (try outs still to come) as well as the writting and photography clubs….i could go on and on…I’m in love with my uni.

But back to Dubai itself…EVERYTHING in freaking huge, well truth being said i can see the biggest build in the world from one of the windows in my house….that think in almost a km tall. But I’m not only loving this as well I’m profoundly thankful for being able to live this, i think this is exactly what i needed.

I truly see a light gleaming very close to me, not in the end of a tunnel, it’s almost at a arm’s length

Tom Signing off^^



  1. Hey!
    Umm how do I start this off?
    I’m in Middlesex Dubai too! 🙂
    Also I’m a fellow first year myself!
    I just thought up of typing in Middlese Dxb and your blog popped up….xD
    Anyways its good to know you’re enjoying Dubai 🙂

  2. I’m glad that this was what you needed and that you’re enjoying this ❤ I miss you a lot, but I'm so happy for you right now. Really, I'm glad you're happy and excited about your new uni and Dubai too! Good luck with everything Nii-san ❤

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