Games 2013

The wait began here
The wait began here

My first convention since I moved from Portugal, back home I used to be a regular at the anime conventions in my city (Lisbon). And naturally having the chances to visit what is called the E3 of the Middle East i didn’t thought twice, i HAD to go. Well my eagerness was my downfall. Unfortunately

I’ve created high expectations, and reality was kinda different. Don’t get me wrong guys, I had a really good time, it was fantastic to try some upcoming games, and to try the next gen PlayStation and some next gen games. But once again I’m getting ahead of myself.

The New AC stand...the game was awesome nice improvements
The New AC stand…the game was awesome nice improvements

Being the geek that I am this was kinda of a big day for me as I said, i picked up my NES controller shirt (for the non-geeks it’s a t shirt that i have with an old console controller), and headed on (actually my father gave me a ride) to the event. I got there half an hour earlier, and face a queue. “OH BOY, this has to be good” so I thought. As timed pass i got more and more exited.

As I walked in I suffered a so called reality slap, the hall was WAY smaller then what I envisioned, after all i thought it was E3-like, i even dare to say that the last IberAnime (anime con in Lisbon) was slightly bigger…

The "Pirate" Creed
The “Pirate” Creed
Awesome new Logo
Awesome new Logo

But oh well. Now i think is high time to talk about the good stuff. The first thing i managed to try was the new Assassin Creed Liberation, in a PS4. I’m not a big AC fan, but i cannot deny it’s quality, and I like playing every now and then. The gameplay was better and the graphics were jaw-dropping, i mean the water effects.


Me holding a PS4 Controller
Me holding a PS4 Controller

And it was my first contact with the new PS4, frankly i can’t say much yet, i mean the Demo was a Demo and the “current” gen has the say kind of graphics.

I really liked the new controller, feels pretty familiar, after all is VERY similar, but it’s different enough.

The belle of the bal

My next stop was the PS4 area, i only managed some pics, from the PS4 itself, I find “her” quite beautiful, i really like the “edged” look, it’s quite different from “her” older sister who was curvier. But “her” design fells a bit artistic, I strongly believe that it would look quite good as design piece, as in a decoration item.

Unfortunately I did get any more pics from the PS stand due it’s crowd-ness…kinda like being inside a subway wagon…erhmm…the all convenction was kinda like that…oh well moving on.

Square Enix…guys…Ligthing again?
Lousy picture sorry it was sort of illegal to take photos from the screens

Square Enix and it’s new Final Fantasy…

And the star it’s Ligthing…again. Well this stand was kinda lonely it’s neighbor (the WWE one) took all the attention. I managed to take a quick glance, kinda cool. I haven’t play any FF since FF-X 2 and FF-XII, so yeah i missed quite a few games, but i like the new engine, a mix betwen the old school “Pokemon-like” and the FFXII one, or at least that’s what i felt. The was also a screen with the HD remake of FF-X.

OH i almost forgot there was  a competition to win a PS3 Beyond: Two Souls Bundle, we had to find the (official) Ellen Page cosplayer, i found her and took a pic with her, but i din’t win nothing…oh well.


WP_20130927_015After that i just roamed arround for a while, trying Fifa 2014, Skylander Swap force, Disney Infinity, Ninja gaiden soething with Zombies and other games. Meet a awesome Metal Gear Solid Cosplay Couple and bogth a couple of T-shirts.


It’s a shame that there was no Nintendo nor Blizzard but oh well. I can’t say i didn’t have a good time, I did. But i was not only used to go to cons with friends (miss you guys) and I kinda raised the expectations…

No eres el crystal de HEISENBER eres la camiseta
No eres el crystal de HEISENBER eres la camiseta

This was the first of many cons, meetings and experiences in Dubai, many other will follow, as well as many other posts, rants and stuff like that. I’m kinda proud of myself, i’m changing my life.

It’s true that I lived quite a few bad episodes last couple of months, but truth being sad i did not helped my self, but no more…I’m felling so much happier nowadays. I can feel the warm hug of happiness a bit closer. And i’m drifting again…oh well it’s my blog I think i can do that keheheheh.

Tom sign Off

PS:. The building where the con happened was covered with this cool posters







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  1. I’m glad you got to experience your very first con outside of Portugal and had fun! It’s sad it was small like you said, but it seems awesome either way! And I miss you, so so much Nii! I missed you a lot during the last con here ; ;

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