Countdown to X and Y

pokemon-x-y-logosAs you might realized by now, I’m a gamer, a full pledged gamer. I’ve traveled trougth many countries, realms, worlds and universes, all the way from San Andreas to Hyrule and Azeroth. But there is one game, rather a series of games that both challenge, captivate and amuse me…a lot. The famous Pokemon games.

I played Pokemon ever since the Red and Blue version back in 1999, and been playing nonstop ever since. Firstly I’ve got the blue version, then couple of years later the Yellow version (a.k.a Pikachu edition), followed by the Silver one, the Sapphire (on the game boy advance) then finally, years later the SoulSilver the white the black 2 and the diamond (the order is not the chronological release but rather the order in which I got them). Now 14 years and 8 games later I’m waiting (im)patiently for the new games; Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Rather them bore you with what I’m expecting from the new installments of this series, I’m going to tell you my experience with the games so far, not like the usual review. But my “Poke” history, how it made me feel, the friends I made in the process, and perhaps even the Pokemons that where part of my team. So expect at least 6 posts until the 12th of October All related with pokemon, and by the end of the month by review of Pokemon Y

Tom signin off


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