Pokemon Stories-Part 1

Pokemon Blue Cover art 1999

The year was 1999 and the “poke” fever was burning high, and with only 8 years I was infected, so naturally when I’ve heard that there was going to be a Pokémon game…OMG…I was on cloud nine, I knew that I needed to had it. With some money I had saved from my birthday and a couple of allowances I managed to buy the blue version.

Why the Blue version? To be honest I don’t really know, but I probably had a good reason back then.

Time simply flew by when I played it, I guess one could say I got kinda addicted, to the point that my mother limited me to 15 minutes play sessions, well basically nothing.

I know that the first Pokemon i choose, the very first was the water one, Squirtle, but i played only about a couple of minutes with him, right after that I created a new game and choose a Charmander….I to this day I consider it my first one.

And so my journey began, me and my Charmander. We traveled endless hours together, sorry getting too much in the mood. I played the game for two solid years, capturing every available Pokemon, fighting the final Bosses (the Elite 4) time and time again. Finding the legendary Pokemon (this was back in the day where there where little to none game guides). And leveling my favorite ones to the maximum level.

Oh boy this sure takes me back, how awesome it was to see your starter Pokemon to level 36, reaching its final stage of evolution. As I said before back then there were no game guides walk-through or anything like, not that i knew of at least, so therefore all we had where friends who were ahead of us. It was another time, but this allowed many myths to be created, but I’m here to talk about that.

Well for those who don’t know in Pokémon you can carry up to six Pokémon at the same time. And from those six, I’ve already mentioned one, The final stage of my cute Charmander, the mighty Charizard, then there was the artificially created Pokemon Mewtwo, star of its own movie, and the most powerful Pokemon in the game, I stil remember the attack he had, Solarbeam, psychic, Fire Blast and Ice Beam…Boy the damage we could do…as for the other five, I can’t quite remember, i think I change them arround so, yeah.

For now this is all I’ll tell, in the next post, I’ll blabber about the Yellow version, Pikachu Edition

Tom siginin off


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