Pokemon Stories-Part 2

Pokemon Yellow Version Cover Art 2000

I’ve defeated the elite 4 several times, and I maxed out all my favorites, and unfortunately I was getting bored of Pokemon Blue, luckily for me and my my “poke”enthusiasm Game Freak launched a new installment, Pokemon Yellow. Starring as a cover “man”, erhmm cover Pokemon, the mascot of the whole franchise, famous Pikachu the electric mouse Pokemon. So famous even my parents recognize him to this day.

This game is almost the same as his predecessor, except for a few differences;
Slightly graphic improvements, tune up in colors and the most important one…Pikachu follows you and occasionally says his name and not the usual 16-bit growl.
I loved the fact that it was possible to transfer you old Pokémon to this new game, almost like starting a new with help from the past. Well since visually speaking there isn’t much difference from Red and Blue to this one my memories kinda mix together not knowing witch memories is from witch game, but you this it’s for sure, my cartridge once went to the washing machine, and survived

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