University personal statment

Personal Statement – Tomás Brandão


Knowing that “success is a mind game” “impossible is nothing” and that me must “challenge everything” I’ve decided to dream big and set my goals high, knowing that they are within my reach; I’m going to be one of the great ones, I’m going to to work myself until I’m a reference…where you ask?

In the wonderful World of Marketing.


I grew up in a house where it was easy to find internacional press, from the USA such magazines as Times, National Geographic, Martha Stewart, Vogue or Marvel Comics, from the UK magazines like House and Garden, from France Marie Claire, from Spain ¡Holla!, well this list could go on and on, and in this infinite parade of magazines and subjects, but regardless of the title my greatest pleasure was common to them all; The advertisements. Ever since I was little they have  enchanted me, not for their products but for the advertisement itself, it seemed they had some sort of magic.

Later on I found out that this magic, was none other than a vast group of techniques crafted from a huge range of subjects such as sociology, psychology, history and even math, just to name a few.

When YouTube arrived my interest of marketing experienced a huge boom, as I was now able to watch not only commercials from all over the world but also from marketing campaigns. And it was life changing, as for that moment I realized what I wanted to do for a living.

I want to expand my knowledge of marketing, to be able to work for tomorrow’s great names, either companies, sportsperson or even politics, you name it. I want to take both marketing and advertisement to the next level.


I’ve been talking about  how i got interested in both marketing and advertising but little have I talked about who I really am.


Apart from the two months I’ve spent in a volunteer mission in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, taking care of children with special needs, I’ve lived all my life in Portugal.

From an early age i developed a big interest in reading – and for that I have my mother to thanks as she showed me the endless worlds of mystery, romance and adventures- and photography -this one I own it to my father, with whom I’ve learnt a lot about this art, specially the pleasure one takes from framing a moment in time. As I grew up so did these fields evolved and thanks to them I’ve discovered the pleasures of writing -that i express every now and then through my blog- and gaming -that like literature allowed my to travel to other worlds living endless other lives.

These four are without my a doubt a big part of myself, and thanks to them I’ve learnt a lot, and created precious memories (like a summer where I managed to read five different books and took over 2 gbs of photographs)

Encouraged by my parents I took Judo classes, and learned so much thanks to them,

Now you know me -at least a little bit-, both my passions and goals. And to be honest I strongly believe that studying in Middlesex will help me achieve my dreams, not only because its international renown, its rich history and the the fact that is situated in the heart of Dubai helps creating a culture melting point that will open my eyes to new realities and cultures. Finally your commerce bachelor in Marketing will provide me the tools I need to start this incredible journey to success.



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