Pokemon Stories-Part 3

Pokemon Silver Version Cover Art 2001

NOW IN FULL COLOR! The second generation was born, bringing not only colors but also another 100 Pokémon to the count…but still under the tagline “Gotta catch ’em all!”, which was now a little harder.

This game was everything i could ever wanted as a kid, the Pokémon I loved new Pokémon to catch, awesome new visuals a new story line AND the old story line, all in one cartridge.

In total you now had to get 16 badges (twice the amount for the other games) 5 new Legendary Pokémon, including one of my all time favorites Lugia the cover of the silver version,.

This game added a lot to the franchise, not only the ultra rare shiny Pokemon, but also a ton of new features, from the poke radio, to new towns, Pokemon eggs, breeding Pokemon (well the eggs have to come from somewhere), time, day and night, special revolutions, roaming legionaries….man IT was a awesome gen.

As with the Pokemon Yellow so does cartridge had a story apart from it’s game, this time around a less unfortunate event, as I gave the shell of the cartridge, modified with a USB pen drive inside, to my very first girlfriend, I hope that she treasures that, as it’s so important for me.


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