Blookg project!

Heya guys, I’m going to start something I want to call Blookg, a story that I write, divided by chapters…yeah like a book….but on my blog…got it?

Book plus blog….Blookg not the best name I know.

But lemme fill you in in some details first.

Currently (and like i have been for the past 5 years) I’m writting a book, and to get soem pratice i decided to start this story, it was more a writer’s block exercise, that i listened to a song and wrote a story using the mood of the song, then putting my itunes on shuffle i would pick another song and had to keep writting the story, and now with the new song mood. Got it? A story which the chapter’s mood it’s decided by a random song in my library^^

Hope you enjoy it^^ the first chapter is going to be published whithin this week so look foward to it


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