The Top “stuff”s from 2013

As you probably found out we are now in 2014!

YEY….Happy new year! *Trows confetti and makes loud noises*

Sorry about that, I get too exited sometimes. Ok back on track, as I was saying 2013 is over and 2014 has just began, and to honor the past year I would like to talk about some of my favorite things in 2013, from games to books, movies, etc. I’m just going to list them, don’t expect a full length review.

Fire Emblem Logo

In the gaming department there were a LOT of good games this year, Animal Crossing new Leaf, the new Pokemon Game,  Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. Well a lot of excellent games, but there is one that managed to rise above them all, a game so magnificent and well crafted that I keep on playing time and time again. Fire Emblem Awakening. I simply loved the game, and so far my 3Ds tells me that I’ve spent over 100 hours in this game alone.

Music wise I’ve discovered a few new bands and genres, but I prefer going to my Last.Fm statistics (for those not familiar with Last.Fm, it is a website that keeps record of the tracked you played, either on your pc, ipod, spotify, mobile phone, etc, making charts and your top artists and what not). So the track I listened to the most in 2013 was….*drum-roll*…The mirror and the reaper by Volbeat (131 times), which is the band I listened to the most (which I listened 3638 times). I really like them, I’ve discovered them probably around may, and they joined the ranks of Rise Against, Green Day and Metallica in my heart.

This past year I’ve challenged myself to read 25 book, feat I accomplished on the very last day of the year, but nonetheless I did it. And I had such amazing adventures thanks to it, from the blood lust throne war in Westerus (Game of Thrones), to a universe shifting paradoxical romance (1Q84) to a weird acid based Las Vegas Trip (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas). But among all these the one that takes the gold is Kafka on the Shore, I really loved the book, and actually I believe that it stands in my ultimate top 10 books, but that’s a list to be discussed in the future.

And we are now almost done, let’s just tackle both cinema and TV series, well individually of course.

Firstly movies, well I can’t talk much about the new realisings, as i only attended a handful of those, most of them SuperHero movies (IronMan, SuperMan, Wolverine, Thor 2), but there was one movie that stood alone, a french movie, “La cage dorée” or the golden cage, honestly one of the movies that I had ever seen and laughed so hard. So yeah the La cage dorée takes the first place this year.

Last but not least TV series, well now the real fun begins, the were 3 ongoing series that garbed my attention so much and so hard that… well i fell in love once more, I have been following them for quite a while Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and How I met your mother. I have to give this spot for Breaking Bad, since not only it was the last season but the best of these three. Since I’ve seen quite a big number of series I’ll divide this in series I’ve been following for at least one year (as these I’ve just mentioned) and Series I’ve discovered this year. What I discovered was something completely different from what I’m used to, the Sopranos, The 70’s Show, and directly from BBC Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes.

Each one of these is astonishing, either the fabulous mob plot, the nonsensical coming to age humor, the dilly dally timley whimlye stuff or the elementary thrill of the chase (so many references). But even if by a long shot the prize goes to the oldest of these…Dr Who!

There you go folks, from emblems of fire that have been awakened to reapers in mirrors, crows on shores Whos and meth inside a golden cage, this has been an interesting year!

Stick around for more! and Happy 2014



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