TRACK IV – A tout le mounde-»MegaDeth

The time to leave came, and goodbyes were said.

Words of love, trust, courage, pain and joy came from all of those he was about to leave behind.

True wishes, with truer feeling, and thanks to that the bleeding had stooped completely. And a bittersweet nostalgia reign over him.

These kind words gave him a sense of courage long lost, the long awaited and needed bandage over the wounds within! This was indeed a rebirth! An old life would be switched by a new one.

Sweet memories have been turned into a past, and new ones would wait for him in a near future. He could only hope that those whom these sweet memories were made would treasure them, the memories, the smiles, tears, laughs, …. oh well it was all behind him now.

But the challenges ahead would be not only hard but also different. But that was something he would discover soon, he would find out about the healing proprieties of distances, and the sharp cut of distance…as confusing as it might sound there are always two sides for the story.

But this would be found out in good time.

And so the dreaded day arrived, he left, showing his love for those left behind, he hoped they would never change, … yet knew that such desire was not only selfish as it was impossible, since we change everyday, and somehow in someway they would change, as he would too.


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