TRACK V – Feel Good Inc.-»Gorillaz


A new world unveil in front of his eyes, a whole new country for him to discover.

Everything seemed magical, from the foreign languages to the tall modern buildings. The weather was hot, and somehow it seemed to comfort him, to hug him, even if he was partial to colder environments. Once again everything was going according to plan. And before he even noticed he was studying again, taking some pleasure out of it. He was what could be called a kid in a candy shop, this smile sparkled everywhere and everything was so awesome.

Although …. company, friends people to talk to seemed to be no where to be found, perhaps, it was part of the process, they would eventually show up.

With a joyful smile, he left that loneliness behind, they will come, he calmed himself shrugging away the doubt.

A whole month came and gone, and his interests began to fade. His studies were still very interesting but routine had taken over, wake up, go to university, go home, study, go to bed, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

He found himself stagnating, once again and little by little his smile turned to a frown, and silence reign again.

And so his hope to a happy life started to dissipate, it was still there, but weaker, before it resembled the beacon of light cast by a lighthouse, now a dying candle.

But fortunatly nothing lasts forever , and this applies to good and bad  times alike, and out of nowhere he found himself a fiend.

It was someone unlike everyone else some who looked like trouble, talked trouble, yet  with a golden heart. And who in no time introduced another person into the equation, and from being alone he found two good friends. And from the silence some words were muttered, some laughs shared and a true friendship forged.

It was not what he expected, it weren’t the hordes of friends, only two great ones. But he now had regained some of his hope and smile. And things began to straight up.

At the same time a couple of hobbies appeared, one being a writing rebirth and the other joining a martial art….

He was now on the right track….


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