In the way to the Physical Me I desire

Ok guys I have some news regarding my health….NO i’m not dying (well we all are and what not but I’m not in emminent health danger)
SO It’s been two weeks since I stoped smoking I have have only smoked once and it was shisha not cigarretes.

On other health related news, in my battle to be fit i have awesome news;

Last year circa my birthday i weigthed 128kgs (282pounds). Last week I turned 23 years old, and weigthed 103.1 kgs (227 pounds), today (18/feb/2014) i weigth 102.2kgs (225 pounds). I’m still a bit far way from my goal of 85 kgs (187 pounds) but… I’m getting closer^^


Starting weight 128kgs – 282.2 pounds (11th feb 2013)
Current weight 102.2Kgs – 225.3 pounds (18th feb 2014)
Difference – 25.8 Kgs -.56.9 Pounds
Goal weight 85 kgs – 187.4 Pounds
Missing 17.2 kgs –  37.9 Pounds

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