The pale raider

At first his sight ceased
Then his hearing was no more
Darkness fell
Silence reign

No longer could he feel anything
Alone, lost, empty
The darkness was too loud
And the silence too bright

His humanity went astray
As his sanity and ability to think
But soon the monotony of nothing was broke
As a little stomping sound materialized

The sound grew
Killing the buzzing
The deafening buzz of silence
And the sound came closer and closer

A figure as small as an ant came to be
Breaking the integrity of the darkness
And it kept approaching him
And as the distAnce reduced it self the figure was now understandable

A horse
A pale horse
Either green or yellow
But pale

A rider
Tall and fair
Dressed in long robes
Carrying a weapon

As tall as the rider
A scythe of bone
With a rust blade
A scythe of death

Smiling the rider lashed towards him
Scythe in hand
Ready to reap
Killing to kill

Gaming momentum
Gaining speed
Raising his hand
Raising his weapon

Life was no more
Life came and went
The afterlife was near
As death approached

The two colliding
And the darkness disappeared
The rider, Death
The deceased

All the clash made everything
Reach the end
The final destination


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