This is not about dreams is general, this is about my dreams. And how weird they seem to me.

I honestly don’t know how other people dream, nor what they dream, but for me, dreams fit into three distinction categories:

  • Boring ass dullness
  • Nightmares from hell
  • A series of random nonsensical sequences

(And that specific Pokemon dream I have every time I have a hihg fever)

The fist category is like living I mean, it’s just another day, random regular events, like studying, like being on a bus, etc … well these are not really events, rather they are almost like a GIF, repeating, and repeating, and repeating, stuck in a loop. These are the most regular ones

The second category is a bit gory (did I just make this lame rhyme?) nightmares, pretty common since 2012, I don’t know why. Most times stress driven. But seeing deaths, suffering, losing loved ones night after night it’s not that easy. Some times it’s not death, sometimes is being ignored, other is being tortured, other is facing inner demons amplified and demonized.  But heck I’m getting used to it.

Lastly the random ones, they can make any weird ass comedy show like sponge bob or other nonsensical stuff seem a philosophy thesis!

For example last week I had dream that was a feud with one guy I dislike a lot (to say the least) that turned out to be a mario kart race mixed with Marvel’s noir universe 8-bit gaming futuristic landscapes and ballet…It’s that weird, and trust me this one is a “simple one”



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