Wine and music; glasses and turntables


Two years ago I managed to get a turntable, a cheap crappy one, but a turntable nonetheless!
Call it a fad, call it nostalgia of times where I was yet to be born, call it whatever you like, but hunting vinyls became part of my life, a passive search, where if I stumble upon one I like I buy it, I don’t really search for none of them, I just you know keep an eye open.
But even if the turntable isn’t really the best out there, heck if it was average that would be too much, there is something magic in these huge plastic CDs (I know they are not CDs I’m just messing around). The ritual of taking it out of the sleeve, being able to see its artwork in a huge display, to place it, carefully picking up the needle, hearing the small static building up to the beginning of the first track….or the middle track. All of this and being forced to listen to everysong, instead of shuffling it arround as my iPod generation and now the spotify generation made us settle for. It’s just magical. I compare it to a good glass if wine, it makes you slow down, to fully enjoy it.
You search for the bottle you want/record you want to listen
You see the bottle, read it’s label/you contemplate the sleeve
Carefully you open it, letting yourself take in the smell/take the record and examine the sides, searching for the correct one
You pour yourself a glass/place the record and select the speed and place the needle
And finally you seat down, take a sip while the static gives in to the music.
Ps: this post was written while sipping on wine and listening to my bossa nova record(the one on the picture)


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