Breakfast reflections


After a nice breakfast complete with bread coffee and orange juice in one of my favorite breakfast spots in Lisbon (A padaria Portuguesa), I started reflecting about life.

I don’t know if caused my the simplicity of the store, the confusing anxiety inside me, the mindless internet juicing the best of their free wifi. Really no idea, but I came with grips that I have one of the 7 deadly sins stamped in my actions more then any other. Pride!
I tend to do everything myself, just to be able to say yeah I did not need your help, yeah I did it. And I start to realize how much I hurt people during that process, how many friends tried to give a helping hand and end up with spit in the eye! And the closer someone is the worse, not that I was oblivious to the fact, but my girlfriend pointed me that in a way, I just was astonished….it was earth shattering…. I’m a bigger asshole then I taught I was.
So little by little I’m trying to overcome that, by *drumroll* asking for help, and it’s not that hard, and kinda fuffiling, I know the road is long, but the first step is the hardest…..and as a popular artist said;

the first cut is deepest but the others bleeping hurt too

I know that I’ll succeed. And I’m facing a big challenge in a few days so let’s put my resolve to the trial.

Tom signing off

Ps:. I wrote this on my mobile so do t criticize grammar and stuff, with the small steen it gets harder then usual!


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