Pleasant Nightmares

There is a show that used this verse as an opening theme song, it’s one of my guilty pleasures TV shows, ” Last Night I had a pleasant Nightmare”. Well this post as nothing to do with the show, only with the verse. The pain, the bitter-sweetness of pleasant nightmares.

These mythical creatures that haunt you in your slumber are as beautiful and as they are hurtful, and in my experience they represent the worst kind of nightmares. When it comes to the classical nightmares, the monsters that bump in the night, deaths, etc they have a “HOLY FUCK” reaction, with this I mean, they shake you, almost like a scary movie, but you recover relatively fast from it. It can bother you for a couple of hours, but that’s about it.

When it comes to these, well these are, something that some time ago could be considered a dream, pleasant, beautiful, happy, now they represent what was never real, and some times what could have happened but time was not an ally.

The fisrt dream of this kind I can remember was after my father died, and in the dream he was alive, and it was a simple day, nothing more then that, but due to his recent death, it was painful, something i could never do again, and … well that killed me inside, to feel that hopelessness upon waking up mas just to die for.

Dreams like this from numerous subjects came and became part of my routine, and there is no getting used to it, sometimes they give me strength to move on, but mostly they just drain me out. I don’t really know how to react, most time i end up staring at my white ceiling, numb, those pseudo memories, those lost loves, those regrets, those who I lost, everything, falling upon me when my defenses are at the lowest point.

Well I sometime hope for a dreamless night, i don’t ask for dreams just peace.


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