Cold Seasons

Out of the four seasons the colder ones rank on first and second place. Being autumn my favorite one, ergo Winter my second favorite.

There is something so unique in the cold weather, i don’t know if it the fallen leaves, that firstly seem golden and gradually turn into  a mushy brown, the lower temperatures, the quiet strolls under the rain – with or without an umbrella-  or simply the coziness and warmth of layered clothing.

There is also an melancholic feeling in the air, some people call it sad, the dark skies, i prefer to say that it is magical, it gives us a chance to really enjoy the sunny days.

I really can’t put into words how I ling for these seasons, there are no allergies -like in the spring- nor blazing heat -like in summer- it almost as if these are simpler, and the fight against the cold makes everything better, the rush to arrive to a warm house, the joy of a hot coffee cup in your hands, the cold wind that destroys every and all hairstyles, or simply the chance to put on coats, changing your looks 180º with a single piece of clothing.

And even thought I’m not the biggest fan of the Christmas part of winter, I admit that the decorated streets give a new spark to the city.

And there is nothing better then a stroll downtown, wearing sweaters coats and scarves lost in a song while puffing away a cigarette and sipping a scalding latte.


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