My Tattoos

Today I’m giving a tune up to my tattoos, so I figured it would be the perfect time to explain all of mine (well there are only 3 of them but still).


My first one was made in the 10th anniversary of my father’s death, over a scar made outta self mutilation, a scar that for 10 years I reinforced, because of a childish stupid belief that I was suffering enough, but I decided that it was in fact a wrong feeling, and rather then suffer I’ve decided to rejoice and honor this day, it marked a end of a life, but for that exact reason it should be commemorated to honor the life that ended. So I decided to cover the scar with the Hylian Crest from The Legend Of Zelda. The very first game I bought (with my own money), my favorite gaming franchise and the last game I played with my father.

This tattoo was made in Lisboa Ink.

Processed with Moldiv

My Second one is a flock of sparrows, a this one takes inspiration in some Portuguese art, The swallows from Rafaelo Bordalo Pinheiro, small sculptures of swallows that are associated with the Portuguese emigrants. And since my mother is currently living abroad, and as I also wish to do the same, it seemed to be the perfect combination. The three birds represent my mother (the bigger bird), my Sister (the medium one), and my brother that passed away (the smaller one).

This Tattoo was made in El Diablo by the talented Tânia Catclaw.

Processed with MoldivAnd lastly, and also made by the same artist my third one, my favorite animal, my symbol, a wolf (I’ll just give you some time to check my url), and the origin behind almost every internet alias I have.

But I’m not going to reveal much more, those who know, know.



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