StreetPassing Life away

The beauty of playing online and locally with other players.

For anyone that as read my blog in the past, might have got that I like video games, namely playing my Nintendo 3Ds, and lately I have had the pleasure of not only to play a wide array of games but to play them with friends, making the experience even better. Before continuing the post let me explain to you one small concept; Streetpass.

The 3DS family has a functionality called Streetpass, a little plus to having a 3DS (or a 2Ds or a New3Ds), where just by having the console turned on you can change some game information and play some mini games. At first glance it’s a bit like a novelty but in creates an emerging experience, either collecting puzzle pieces in order to complete Nintendo-themed images or completing simple dungeon crawlers, collecting weird hats to your avatar (cutely called Mii), or even playing some other mini games that come as a payable DLC, it’s something that is worth spending a few minutes on, mostly because it boosts the spirit of sharing and community between 3ds users, as Mii hunting began to be a thing. But beside these cute activities you also share some, as mention, game information with other players, for example trading in-game profiles, sending bonuses, sharing your unique creations, all of this without doing nothing at all.

The perfect exemple of a "Mii Hunting" deligth
The perfect exemple of a “Mii Hunting” deligth

And this brings me to the main point I wished to tackle, gaming communities, as all of we know having a common interest can connect you to someone, and thanks to the internet you can now trade Pokemon with someone in, I don’t know, Cape Town in South Africa while you are comfortably sitting at home in New York, USA, or even participate in Mario Kart races or whatever game you prefer. It creates a sense of community in the internet age, bounding on a global scale with the games you love, but it became somewhat a cold activity over the years, although together you are apart, you can in fact be a champion of truth in some game completing quests with people on the other side of the globe, but you are probably playing it alone in your house, and for me this as been my gaming experience with the new gen consoles (ever since the PS3), with rare exceptions when playing some driving game with my brothers or having a friend over to play some beat’em up. But as I said in the beginning of the post I’ve been experiencing the awesome warmth of local play. Yeah, it looks like a hipster thing to say “Yeah modern video games are so cold and not good at all, let’s go back and play SNES with our buddies like we did in the 90’s, yeah“; no that is not my point, and let me reenforce that i love Online functionality, as i said it creates community, and I made some friends this way, playing with strangers online. But It does not compare with local play, and a portable console brings this concept to a whole level, even if partial to the Nintendo 3ds i know that is also possible with the Playstation PSP, that is having you system and playing it with a group of frineds in a simple and awesome way, no cables no internet no nothing, just you your console (a charger if you forgot to charge it), your friends and a place to be. Easy, new old-time fun.

ANd as mentioned before I’ve been experiencing this on a regular basis with the 3ds, especially with titles like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, where you take the role of , well a monster hunter, and in parties from two members up to four people you venture and defeat giant beasts. But the game content is beside the point. It’s the feeling of bounding that it creates, and this together with the beauty of simplicity of Streepass as brought me some lasting fond memories in the past months, meeting new friends and bonding over my favorite games, well it’s a simple joy, a stable smile and a fun time to have.

I know that this post might have sounded like something deep, or thoughtful, but it was basically showing the simple, pure emotion of gaming with friends, and the more I tried to write about t it the less i managed to that, as it made me realise that it is a simple yet beautiful time. And how much warmer and cozy it is comparing to online mode. It is nostalgia filled, it’s the past with today’s tec…..and here you have it me rambling again, but yeah…. It is what it is.

Lemme close this by telling a small tale that happened a fortnight ago, if I’m not mistaken, after meeting a good friend for one of these monster hunter sessions we ended up meeting some of his friends, and from nothing i bounded with these new people just by playing and talking about this kind of stuff, and yeah it was awesome…..And on top of that I got a new Mii


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