Some announcements

Hey guys, recently I’ve taken interest in blogging once more, meaning I’m going to be a bit more active arround here and I would like to try to have some weekly posts, where on a set day you can expect a post of a certain kind,  for example of Wednesdays every other week I bring you a band i really enjoy, where in the other Wednesdays I bring you a YouTube channel that I like, and on Fridays I bring a e-juice review. As you know I’m not the most active blog arround, so please don’t get mad if I don’t follow the schedule. But the expected schedule that I’m bringing you for now it will be something like this.
  • Interest Wednesday (sure need a better title) – where I’ll bring you some things I like, from YouTube Channels, Bands
  • E-Juice Review Friday – Where I’ll review an E-juice
  • Every other Saturday GeekFest – Where every other Saturday I’ll be bringing you something of the geek realms, either a game I’ve been playing, a comic book I’ve read, well anything.
  • Creative Monday – This will be every other monday, and it will be something of my own, either a writing essay, a photograph, or even a new card trick or manuever

This off course does not mean that I’m gonna stop ranting about my life, and writing some poems, it basically means that I’m bringing more activity are more variety to the blog, e a more mannered way.

Tom signing off


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