Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time [Interest Wednesday]

First and foremost….First Interest Wednesday, all alright!! To start off this kind of posts I’m bringing something out of You Tube, a unique cooking show, that makes the famous Epic Meal Time, seem like a bunch of dandy gentlemen, and these barbaric cooks come from none other than the country of Build it yourself Furniture and Vikings, Sweden, the mighty  Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time.

This show appeared as a response to Epic Meal Time, and is presented in a kinda unique language Swenglish, a combination between English and Swedish, and it’s an impressive language and it is as gibberish sounding as understandable. But even more quirckier then their language is the way they cook, almost in a Viking kinda way, throwing everything arround, mashing stuff on the walls, floor, screaming at butter so it melts or even cutting stuff with broadswords and battle axes, but presenting good looking, “regular” sized dishes (I’m looking at you Epic Meal Time).

They cook a bit of everything, mains courses, entrees, deserts, but focus of traditional swedish food.

The head chef Niclas Lundberg, has two interesting features, one he has a feud with a dead fox (the nemesis fo the show the infamous Mr. Fox) and a big interest in mayo. With this I mean EVERY episode he shoves a spoonful of mayo down his throat, calling it a “pre-dinner snack” and guaranteeing that it is “Good for you bitches”.

It’s a pretty interesting and fun channel and it is a sure laugh! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Tom Signing off…



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