Anicomics – Volunteer Experience [Interest Wendnesday]

Well this past weekend I’ve experienced something unique, volunteering in a pop culture event.

The view from one of my many Job Posts
The view from one of my many Job Posts

I’m a known partaker in pop culture events, heck I even reviewed two of them in this blog (Games 13 and Middle East Comic Con 14 both of them in Dubai), and now I volunteered to one in my hometown of Lisbon Portugal.

First I think that I should talk a bit about the event itself, and only later about my experience as a volunteer. So here it goes.

Photo 16-04-15 01 13 20
If only my wallet was fat enougth

Anicomics is a yearly Pop culture event organized in Lisbon, Portugal, in a Library, it is an event by an awesome shop in Lisbon, KingPin Books, that grew from a small shop to one of the cornerstones of Lisbon’s (if not Portugal) Geek (anime/comics/gamming) community.This year the event also had the presence of one of the big names in this community, another business, Spawn Point, a gaming lounge/cafe that in the event was partially responsable for the food. Both these business are owned by individuals that I came to consider my friends, and I respect the heck out of them. But enough with this promotion. As I was saying the event is the responsibility of KingPin, and even being a kind of small event, it was packed with stuff to do, from press releases, workshops, competitions, a variety of shops, etc….so a lot of fun to have. If I’m not mistaken this was the third time I attended the event, but this time it was different, I was not among the crowd, I was a working member of the staff.

Photo 12-04-15 19 38 17
Me and other AWESOME volunteers in the end of the last day. Been a pleasure serving alongside you guys

And man it was amazing, I was part of the security staff, the silent watcher, the vigilante, the….the….the guy with a staff shirt that just stood there secretly hoping that something bad would happen. Well I’m kinda being rude here, I had a ton of fun, and yeah the job was kinda monotonous, but I not only was in the event – where i saw some friends, met new people, talked an awful lot with loads of passersby, as I was working – gaining experience, upgrading my resumé – as I was helping the creation of an awesome event.

Photo 16-04-15 01 13 17
My new POP Figures, John SNow was actually a gift from the Event organizer ^^

The heat and the hard work paid off, the sweaty armpit stains, the sore feet and all that was SO worth it. I know my description was kinda dull and it looked like I had no fun at all, but it was amazing, from reconnecting with old friends, to get to know more people it was….pure bliss.

Me just making some vape clouds after a weekend of hard work with Ghost
Me just making some vape clouds after a weekend of hard work with Ghost

And to make this great experience better in the end of the event I saw my POP figure collection grow with the addition of some Game of thrones characters

Well Tom signing off….


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