Road to Wrestlemania

Well most of you probably, but Im an avid WWE fan, yes i know wrestling is fake and what not, that’s not the point, So i decided to make myself a sort of WWE challange, my own road to wrestlemania!

No not going to fight no one, only imprve myself, gonna push my body  to the next level, so what I plan to do is every PPV I present photos and stats about my weigth loss! And if everything goees according to plan next wrestlemania, I’ll be even more awesome.

So….let me map things a bit

  • July 19th – Battleground
  • August 23rd-SummerSlam
  • September 20th nigth of champions
  • October 25 HEll in a cell
  • November 22 Survivor Series
  • December 13 TLC
  • And 2016 its revealed later


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