Red Savage By Forbidden Clouds[E-JUICE REVIEW]

The label together with two of the many setups that I used the Liquid....not the review setups, but still
The label together with two of the many setups that I used the Liquid….not the review setups, but still

Overall: 9,50 / 10

Flavor: 10 / 10
Smoothness: 9 / 10
Originality:9 / 10
Aroma:  10 / 10
Nic: 0Mg
VG/PG: 60/40
Price: 25€ /50ml (bought at Forbidden Clouds)
Tested with:
  • Royal Hunter RTA on Wilde Wolf Mech Mod with a 0.22Ω build
  • Subtank v2 (0.5Ω) on Totally Wicked Revolution TC at 45 wats
What’s new?

I know It as been a long time since my last review, but this one is a good one, and interesting Liquid that quicly turned to be on of my go to daily vapes (the fact that I already am on my second 50 ml bottle is a good indicator).

A regular amber 50ml bottle with a classy looking label, there is not much that cloud be told about this part, but you are not here to read about a glass bottle review rigth?

According to the vendor this juice is of red fruits with a touch of lime, a fresh daily vape….and even if it is not the “usual red fruits taste” you can defenetly feel both of the flavours, mixed to a fine blend. I would not call it fresh, as in limey fresh, but then again I’m known to like the heavier flavours, so it’s definitly fresh for me. But it is a juice that brings some diference to the table, it’s sweet without going overboard, fresh without being acid nor minty, and its perfet for the summer season.

As you can see for this review I tested in two diferent devices, but I’ve been vaping this juice for the past month or so, and tested in a crap ton of setups, from the kayfun v4, to the artic, the segatank, the mega tornado, the mutation x v4, in low ohmage and in high ohmage, even in high and low temperatures, and it has never disapointed me. But for me this is a liquid for those that want to enjoy the small things in life, for the ones that know how to live, those who balance work and fun. As it is a extremly balanced liquid.

It pairs well with some beers (such as Strong ales, and brunes) as well as more citric cocktails like Mojitos. And once more it even pairs with nothing just the daily vape.

Last opinion

I think I migth be repeting myself with this one, but this is both an all day vape liquid as it is a special ocasion liquid. But definitly suited more for warm weather.

Even thougth I’m unbiased, I have to come clean in one thing, this liquid is part of a liquid collection made by a good friend of mine, and one of my favorite vapers, so Bro, this is a shoutout to you! Keep these awesome liquid coming!



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