Ok! Summerslam was a hell of a PPV, with Dean and Roman beating the crap out of the Wyatt family, and Seth becoming the first WWE heavyweigth and USA champion.

But It also means that Now it’s time for me to show my evolution trougthout the month. The results were not as good as I expected but there was also a big draw back, it seems that i have made some kind of back injury halfway into the month, it still kinda hurts, ergo during the whole month i actully only trained for about one and a half weeks (to be honest i never knew how much i would miss working out)

BUT! Excuses apart I’m here to present my result, begging with a quick recap.

July’s numbers

Weight: 111,7

Woah not that big of a paragraf….oh well in the mean while i bougth a measuring tape so next month the info will be more complete

  • Weigth: 109.9 (-1.8 since last month)(-5.1 since the beggining)
  • Neck: 42 cm
  • Waist: 107 cm
  • Hips: 65 cm
  • Belly: 119 cm
  • Biceps: 36 cm
  • Biceps Flexed: 39 cm
  • Chest: 110 cm

Photo Gallery (New photos First, and then Now/then version)




11920393_10206585872658496_1758670168_n 11949732_10206585872938503_1923621746_n

11950977_10206585872738498_984328142_n 11938881_10206585872818500_1077556963_n


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