Prime68 – JW Marriott Marquis -Dubai |Quick Bite Review|


12226769_10207043018006844_1527202727_nThe view, the food, the ambiance, the …. Magnitude!!!
It was an out of this world experience, a unique sensation.

Over the years I have had the luck to go fine dinning, but not ever quite like this. Prime 68 is a steakhouse located on the tallest hotel in the world (as of 2015) and it presents a 360 view over the Arabic city. Inside everything has a sense of gravitas and calm, being luxurious but not over the top. Calm, cozy, just fine.
12231689_10207043013566733_645871343_nAs you are witted (luckly over the window) you are presented with a not vast but complete menu (mostly meats … Expectable since its a steakhouse).
The entrees (shirmp chevice – pickly, cold and soft tasting- and foie gras served over a pancake – well prepared and hearty) were subliminal and followed by a rib eye steak medium rare that was cooked perfectly and accompanied with corn with lobster and sweet fries.
All of this had the company of a whiskey shake and ended with a deconstructed lemon mergue pie

The only not so stellar point was the service has the server seemed to be in a rush and talked at 300mph breaking the ambience a bit.


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