My thougths on the world.

Recently (13th November) the world was struck as suicide bombers attacked Paris causing over 100 deaths. And like most people I was shocked.

But – and please don’t judge me – the body count seemed off, “only 120 people” and while we were watching the news I told my mother the exact same thing. Yes is awful, yes lives were taken, yes people were robbed of their biggest possession, mothers lost sons, kids lost parents. But what made me think like this only later I realized what it was. It was not being corrupted by video games, it was not being insensitive let alone wanting more people to die; but the fact that the location made those lives more valuable. Almost no one talked about the 40ish deaths in Beirut hours earlier. Or the 6.6 earthquake in Greece.

But I’m drifting from my point, what I wanted to talk about was regarding the new “holy wars”, extremism, ISIS, and justice.

I have been lucky to travel a bit until this point in my life, and I have been blessed with the opportunity of getting to know people from many religions, cultures and countries. And want to know something???!! We are the same, all this prejudice just makes me wanna puke. (Hopefully you will get the point I’m trying to reach). This is all because of those Arabs. My friend Omar is Arab, is he responsible for the Paris Bombings? That is beside the point, you know that most Arabs are extremists. Yeah as much as the rest of the world.

And with this we reach the main point, “The Arabs”, the Islamic state, the terrorists. These terms have been used as if they mean the same, and many cultures and Faiths have all been mixed up in the same bag.

To begin with -and I’m not going to dwell as I am quite iletrate on this subject- the Islamic religion is not only vast as it is varied. So a generalizing like this is saying that roughly 20% of the world population is a terrorist and or a member of ISIS, which is the same as stating  that the Internet is a box on top of Big Ben.
Second of all pointing others mistakes is ultra easy. People tend after generalizing that Al Qaeda, ISIS, and what not are the only extremists! What about the KKK (Protestants), the Aum Shinrikyo cult (Buddhism and Hinduism), The IRA (this One more political), etc. The idea behind destruction to cause panic, the idea of terrorism is not an Islamic thing, it’s a human kind thing.

And about the death count, I understand why does life are being more publicized! It’s Europe, it’s Paris, it’s a world capital, a place where war isn’t present! I understand that all. And as an European , and please excuse me the language, IT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. A few hundred kilometers away from my door step! Wow! And to add to my discomfort, my parents reside in Dubai, where the counter attack from the French army began. It’s an “assault on two fronts”.

Sorry for the messy post (as usual) but I kinda have a lot to say about this, and it’s just a mind-boggling subject. Human kind is messed up, we actively decide to fight to prove points, and decimate lives and to creat terror. I mean it looks great on a video game, a movie, a book, heck even on a song, but actually doing it? It’s sickening! Especially because one of the main focus point on most religions, it’s to love! Is a belt of explosives a new form of hug? Is a hostage situation the new pat in the head? Is a cold stare and a headshot the new cuddle? Don’t think so….I don’t really even know what the hell I’m saying anymore. I think is for the best if I just end the post here. But not before reenforcing that I do feel for the ones that died in Paris, and the ones that Die over the world. I just critiquing the media, the profiling and the unfairness of these situations.

Tom signing Off…



  1. I totally agree. Media are fucked up. They just feed us what they want to. It’s one big propaganda of nowadays world.

    It is our own responsibility to have a critical thinking. It is on us not to buy into the first things we see and hear.

    Always question everything!

    • First of all thank you for the reply! This was my first “serious post” and it was great to have some feedback .
      And secondly yeah, media just want money and views likes air time whatever the cost. And like click bait articles online so they produce similar stuff. And unfortunately using Paris again as an example news world wide said time and time again that a dog was killed in action. What I ask is….is a dogs life more valuable and write worthy about

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