Star Wars – Episode Me

Long time ago, in my own timeline, there was a time in which I knew NOTHING about Star Wars – it’s unbelievable but it’s true. But that all changed around 1996 or 1997.

hqdefaultThe first time I came in contact with star wars it was when in Portugal the movies were once more on cinema, no I didn’t saw it back then but rather my father gave me a Han Solo figurine, an action Figure. At that point in time I had no clue what Star Wars was, heck why do stars even have wars!
This changed a few years later when my Step Father got me the VHS (remember those bricks?) of Star Wars. IT WAS AMAZING.

By the time the special effects were already 20 years old, but …. man…. they held up amazingly, and the story! THE LIGTH SABERS! I believe that that crhismas I got a Star Wars Characters Encyclopedia. I read that thing back to back, memorized almost every detail. I even took it to read at the beach!

maxresdefaultI even had a Nintendo 64 game, that for me at the time was impossible to beat, “Shadow of the Empire”. Now that I think about it, I was my first Nintendo 64 game! And that first level in Hoth! And then you were Han Solo! And the fights with the Mercenaries…..Gosh the Nostalgia is hitting me so hard right now.

And then 1999 came, together with the Phantom Menace! (before any one that hates the prequels decide to bash my head in remember in 1999 i was 8 years old).

And so my father took me to the cinema to see it … AND once again IT BLEW MY MIND!

Everything about it was amazing! More lightsabers….A DUAL ONE….amazing duels, DARTH MALL, Pod Racing!, even Jar Jar – again I was 8 years old, and Jar Jar was funny for me! And yes my love for Star Wars started to bloom with Episode One. That crhismas i got the PSI game for the Phantom Menace, without any doubt it was one of my favorite plays ever!star20wars20-20episode20i20-20the20phantom20menace20u20slus-00884-front

As a kid i saw both the original trilogy and the Phantom Menace almost in a loop. And it became a passion that I shared with my father, after all he was the one that got me that first Han toy, the Video game, took me to the Phantom Menace, and he talked about star wars a lot!

And when 2002 came around we went to and saw The attack of the clones! I remember in the Summer of 2003 he got me a t-shirt star wars, and I wore that almost daily! And he also got me the novel – that strangely enough I  read several times.

Arround 2004 there was a great disturbance in the force and he passed away. And because of the passion we shared with star wars, and since as I -for many years- tried to emulate him, my passion for star wars grew bigger.

wars82005 brought the last Star Wars movie of the Prequels, the Revenge of the Sith, and even enjoying the movie, something was there anymore, but hey, life moves on. Also that year was a year of joy, well a New Hope was brought to the world, when my sister was born.

The next year i got the chance to see original Star Wars props on a museum in Portugal, it was an amazing experience!

Later in life I discovered that some of my friend liked Star Wars as well, and it became a regular part of our collective mythos.

Me and my best friend have a pair of light sabers, and while he wields the Yoda one, the Jedi one, i wield the Red One the Stith one!

The Original Triology was realeased during my Parents generation, The Prequels During my generation. And now the new trilogy is being released with my sister’s generation!  So this is part of the reason that Star Wars is so unique and universal, there is something for everybody, and an undeniable magic about it.

And In two days I’m going to see The Force Awakens with another friend of mine. And Honestly I can’t wait!

May the Force be with you!



Ps:. I have a bad feeling about this …. yeah I was going to fill this with quotes but perhaps is not that good of an idea.


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