InstaGram thing

 Almost 200 weeks ago, which roughly translates into 4 years I started using Instagram, today, I reached my first big milestone, not an impressing one, but a milestone nonetheless, 500 followers. And funny enough more then half of them were in the last 3 months. You see I used Instagram like I use Facebook, for “shits and giggles”, but as I started to fall in love with the world of social media, and got the taste of social media management. The power of spreading my vision, my photos, and well anything in an efficient way, I started studying it, from the infamous hashtags, to the amount you should use, to the time you should post it. Well all of that is important, if not crucial, when in comes to Instagram. Well I will keep this short and sweet, just wanted to brag a little about my victory!

PS:. For those that find this number too small to be considered a milestone, my starting pool of Facebook friends in 187, and not all of them have Instagram


Tom signing off


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