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Throughout the years I’ve played several of the Pokemon games (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Soul Silver, Diamond, White, Black 2, Y and finally alpha Sapphire), and there is a small number of these critters that have been in my possession for the longest time, actually since 2003, and in my current game I managed to keep the same exact ones from 03. Why is this interesting. Well for once the darn things are turning thirteen this year, and well when I caught them my father was still alive,  and the summer of 2003 was the last summer i spent with him. So yesterday while commenting this to a great friend of mine I did a Ultra short Story on the spot, and she encouraged me to written a bit more and develop the story a bit.

I know that for those that haven’t played Pokemon and/or don’t know the game mechanics it will be rather uninteresting, and for those that have played it …. well ignore all the game play mechanics that I’ve ignored, destroyed and shattered for the sake of the story

The Hoenn League had been defeated and he was crown Hoenn’s Champion, but this wasn’t the first time such a thing happened, more then ten years ago he had beaten the Junior league, while traveling with his father. And that small flashback from years ago, brought gloom to the celebration, suddenly all the confetti and stringers, were no more then, the flashes from cameras were dull, the warmth of everything around him was gone. Because he had forgotten about those who helped him years ago, his team, the Pokemon that accompanied him and his father so long ago.

Tom, now known for his alias in the Pro-circuit as Wolfheart, dashed out the press conference and bursted to the streets trowing a Great ball to the ground summoning his Volcarona “Hey Volca, I’m sorry I know you are exhausted but i need you to fly me to Littleroot Town” with a bothered whim the giant moth like creature took him into the air, and soaring through the ocean into a small town. The town of beginnings.

Warping the moth back into her capsule, and allowed himself a little bit to breath.

“Ok, ok, let’s think this trough, ok, when I was a kid I’ve beaten the juinor league, witht hte help of my father, and we travvled arround Hoenn, until…. until…. he died, after that I’ve left my Pokemons here and travelled back to my mother’s house, ok ….ok … SHIT….they probably have been dele…“he froze he couldn’t finish his own train of tough, the possibility of those who helped him and his father years ago being dead was unbearable.” ok…keep it cool….kept IT COOL. Let’s ask Professor Birch he can help me.”

Birch was one of the top Pokemon investigators, compared by many to Oak. And he took the effort to greet those who venture through Hoenn. He has greeted Tom, for both of his adventures and offered him what was back then his first Pokemon, a Torchic.

After some rushed small talk, Tom jumped straight to the point and asked if there was any chances for his to find the files that contained his friends. Unfortunately the answer wasn’t the one he expected, and the task was near impossible, since untouched records are usually deleted after ten years. Although there was a small chance, since he had been a champion there was a special storage in a cave near Mossdeep, that could have the storage files.

The conversation ended shortly after that and no more then an hour later he was in them Mossdeep city’s poke center choosing the right team for such sub nautical exploration. A team comprised of mostly Grass and Electric Pokemon together with a behemoth veteran, a Blastoise aptly named Poseidon, that was a crucial part of Wolfheart’s success some years ago in Kalos League, the same goes for a Galvantula  that was the go to Pokemon in aquatic adventures. Getting to the cave in question wasn’t the biggest of challenges, on the other hand the cave it self had became a nest for several species, like Laturns and Gyarados, just to name a few, and to makes matters worse, these individual were quite feral and prone to attack on sight. A lengthy battle ensued, and managing to claim victory without causing any genocide proved to be a difficult, yet accomplished task. After that recovering his files and returning was nothing but a breeze.

I have been longing for this data for a long time, lets hope that well time was kind to it. – with some hesitation the trainer connects and old driver to the PC in the Mossdeep city Pokecenter, an healthy sounding set of noises is the machine’s response, but promptly a picture shows up- YES – access box one DATA CORRUPTED- No no no please not this-box 2 DATA CORRUPTED – SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT- the people in line for the PC backed away upon hearing him shouting and figthing with the machine- box 3, 4, 5 were the same, tears began the fall, and his protests became more and more quiet. box 6 was next, ACESS GRANTED, a smile came but it faded quickly, since the box was empty, but fortunately a group of pokemons was in box 7, actually most of the team he used to beat the elite four back in 2003, without losing a beat he transferred them to his current account, and quickly brought them fourth. The last time he saw them was shortly after his father funeral, and since them a lot as changed. But more then this is history.

I know the story seems rushed, but its just a quick bite then a proper story. and a bit of an homage for my father since today, February 9th was this birthday. today he would turn 55


Happy birthday dad!


Tom signing off…








  1. This was a sad, bittersweet story. I am sorry for the loss of your father. I was a slight comfort to know how your love of Pokemon helped you through your difficult time and even though you were unable to recover most of your original data, You were at least able to regain what was more meaningful to you. Thank you Tom for this story.

    • Think you so much for your feedback Mike! It made me smile! Yeah losing my father was not easy but I believe that I have him with me all the time thought the memories and trough the teachings he gave me. And in the end I was able to help other cope with death since I have been trough the experience wich in a way is a good positive result of a tragic situation.

      Thank you so much again Mike!

      • You are very welcome Tom. It is a real eye opener to see how certain events affect people in life and how they deal with it and help others through the same or similar thing is beyond respectful. The world needs more people like you, not those who have suffered, but those willing to help others who are suffering. You have my utmost respect Tom

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