Fear, Terror and action

Today I bring once again a less then happy post, something that is nothing short of a barbaric action, the explosions in Belgium. In a way consider this a unwanted sequel from “My thoughts on the world” post, where I explained my, well, opinion of the events that shocked the world on November 13th in Paris, the same with Beirut, etc.

Well the first thing I want to say before anything else, is that I mourn those who passed in the attack, and that my heart is with their families and those that survived.

Now a little more shellfish approach, I’m scared, I really am, never an act of terror was this close to me. My brother was going to Brussels but his flight got cancelled, and well never was I so close to an attack, Arnhem is not that far away. Although I know that I’m in a safe Area, it’s a small city, there are few to none important building or organizations here, considering this as a “safe” place. But the proximity is actually well in lack of a better term, scaring the shit out of me.

As I said in the aforementioned post, my parents live in a country in the middle East, and now I live in a location nearer the epicenter of the most recent terror acts in Europe. This coupled with the rising political tension, in both East (the fact that highly extremist and Religious factions like ISIS are gaining power and more and better military equipment) and West (where in the USA a bumbly lunatic that wears Racism and Intolerance as a cape is in a political race with a very uncomfortable lead, in case I wasn’t clear it’s Trump) is making me feel scared shitless.  Before it was an unsettling feeling, but the game as changed. I don’t want to repeat myself and dwell in the same points of the other post. So therefore I’m going to move to a more … empowering post.

As a European, as an equalitarian, as someone that makes no diference to genders, religions, skin colors, and overall has a somewhat open mind, I have to state that the “they” I mention have to do with actions not faiths, it has to do positions not with colors.

But we can’t let them scare us, we can’t…..Mostly because that’s their goal, well one of them. And what do I mean by “scare us”, not like being afraid, because, fear is important, and it is only natural that faced with barbaric actions like these we feel fear, but we can not let the fear stop us from moving foward. Otherwise we lose, we lose control, we became irrational, we make decisions that we don’t want to. So we need to keep on, we need to move foward, for us, but also for those who lost their lives. Let’s honor them by living our lives the best we can! Let us conquer fear! Let us show the world that terrorism will not terrify us! Lets stick together! Let’s … show love and compassion, lets use the oposite of what they use!


(1st April 2016) This post was to be published the day after the attacks but for some reason I could not post it, I have made little to no alteration to the text nor did I add much.

Tom signing off…

((((IMAGE CREDIT: The Guardian)))


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