Hyrule Warriors Legends {Nintendo 3DS}- Review

In September 19, 2014 Hyrule Warriors was released for the Wii U (European date), and I was completely bumped out because I don’t own one of those thingy Magigis. I mean Dynasty Warriors and LEGEND OF ZELDA?…Sign me up! But like many other games I ignored and keep on with my life….Until the 3DS por was announced. And so one of mine famous I’m-calm-and-cool-on-the-surface-but-i’m-actually-a-excited-fangirl-on-the-inside bagan. And finally on the 24th of March 2016 the game came out. A “revised” port of the original Hyrule warriors.

I have to admit that as a gamer who prefers the digital version of games (not the phisical form like cartridges or CD’S) those minutes where you let you system downloads the game last forever. But there is some poetic beauty in letting your golden New3DS dowload the game while the sun sets……..wow…sorry i got carried away, and needed an opening to gloat about my Majora’s Mask 3DS (sorry not sorry). But eventually it was go time, and I was itching to start! And speaking of starting…. let’s start the review!

Graphics – 60/100 (30/100 in the “old” 3DS)

The female version of the hero of time- Linkle!

This is the worst part of the game with no doubt. I was using the better of the of the 3DS systems and still i felt an average at best.

Visually it took me back to the beginning of the 3DS lifespan, with a frame rate that slows the flow of battle quite a bit and makes it impossible to turn the 3D on.  But overall a positive grade. Although I have to mention a fatal flaw, not fatal in a “it ruins the game” sense but in a “WTF Nintendo is 2016 already”. There are several menus that show an incredible pixelated view, that shows lack of effort when porting the game. The same can be said about some textures that upon the scale down suffered a great deal, turning a visually impressive game into a dull one. And not exploiting the most of the system

Again, this review is with the New 3DS experience, according to other reviews in the older systems the game is borderline unplayable

Sound – 80/100

Tetra from Wind Waker makes a return to the Zelda Lore

There is little I can say, c’mon it’s a Zelda game, the soundtrack is wonderful, like always!

The score of the game is usually inspired in the original soundtrack of the several Zelda games trough the ages, but with some electronic or guitar distortions, winch in theory works wonders, if only it wasn’t in loop in 20 to 30 minutes levels.

Repetitiveness aside, and repeating myslef, it’s a Zelda Game, it’s hard to miss in the sound department. Good atmospheric levels, soothing menu music….a winning combination.

The characters, in a Zeldaesc fashion do not speak but mutter gibberish or profound one-liners like “Hyaaa” or “LISTEN”, leaving the real dialogue to speech bubbles.

Gameplay – 75/100

Impa, finally getting some well deserved attention

I’ve decided to leave all the frame rate issues to the graphic grade, but I do have to add something. So before i talk about the way the game is played, gameplay, i do have to talk about some issues about the way the game plays.

Again the frame rate that slows down the game and the 3D frame rate that is nothing short of a joke, make the game run in a choppy way. Thankfully in the New 3DS systems the flow is better and within half an hour you get used to it.

The mixture between strategy and and action was pretty good, and I’m having a blast with it, and the fact that you can conduct the AI into an auto pilot helps blackballing out the fact that the multiplayer is now out of the picture.

Overall both the main story mode (Legend Mode) and the Adventure mode provide a good amount of fun, with a LOT for completionists to worry about. More then 20 carachters to find, tons of weapons to find, and fairies… OH YEAH, almost forgot, Fairy mode. A mixture between a game item and a “tamagotchi”. A mode where you can raise fairies that you find in adventure mode and raise them in order to aid you in battle, teach them skills, feed them, dress them. AND MAKE THEM BATTLE ALONG SIDE YOU IN THE MIGHTY BATTLEFIELD….sorry…. sorry

Story Line – 65/100

The aforementioned story mode is pretty straight forward, amusing but nothing worth writing home about. I mean it gives the game a purpose, but is a run of the mill story, yeah good enough for you to watch the cut-scenes, but not hat memorable overall.

Online Features – N/A

There is spotpass and DLC compatibility, but there is no online content that affects game play enough in order for me to review, so I’ll ignore this part

Final Grade -70/100


.I really enjoy this game, but it is far from perfect, and one of the main flaws was that Nintendo tried to launch it to a broader audience, if they launched only on the new 3DS -like Xenoblade- it would have been perfect. The graphics would have been better, and the frame rate smoother. So yeah, overall a good game with an additive game play that has good sound, but has a average story mode and a lackluster graphic appearance.If you have a new 3DS it’s a mandatory title, but if you have and older console….I wouldn’t recommend.


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