A day in Utrech

13009866_10208210762599729_651736512_o.jpgAfter the exams I’ve decided to go for a little walk, in Utretch to be precise. So after a early rise and 6000 steps (since the bus was going to take more then 45 minutes to arrive) I reached Arnhem central Station where I caught a bus to catch a train. (All of this before 9 am).

After a truckload of transports (get it…truck) I finally arrived….at a deserted mall. Well knowing that the Dutch close most shops on Sundays I guess that is the reason for the “desertness”.

13000476_10208210752639480_1556784066_oAlthough by the time I’m writing this (12.31) while waiting for my lentil burger most shops just opened I have to say that the city is quite unique and very very beautiful. It has the “stereotypical” Dutch look, small brick buildings, tons of bikes, and a canal network. So far it has been great fun. And I have to say that I loved the nods to the local comic book protagonist Miffy in some traffic lights.

Well it’s now 18.45 and I’m already back home with over 26k steps (roughly 20km) loged into my Fitbit.

13010102_10208210763119742_793868986_o.jpgI really enjoyed this little trip of mine, Utrecht is a vibrant city that although is set in a very central Europe “old fashion” way. The amount of designer and alternative shops (hey take your mind out of the gutter, i mean like hipster looking decoration, eco friendly, and geek).

I was really impressed by the magnitude of the Dom Tower of Utrecht (the cathedral’s Tower clock). Unfortunately the erratic weather, hail, rain, sun, rain, sun, made it impossible to visit the top of the tower.

I would love to say that I visited this or that, but truth be told, I wandered around, and walked a lot, more a get to know the city then anything else, I entered a few shops, and i had a beer by the canals. All i Can say is that it was a wonderful day!


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Expect a vlog of this day, although not a very complete one, since I had the phone on “reserve” battery for most of the day.


13009901_10208210753279496_1352237575_o.jpgTom sipping signing off


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