Facing Challanges

Monday the fifth of September marked the begging of another semester, and with it a whole bunch of challenges.

I’m not questing that university itself will be a challenge, that is kind of a given fact, something no one can actually contest.

But what I’m talking about is the on going ones in our lives, the merging of our multiple selves, the Student (or worker) self, the social, friend, son (insert other family relations here) coming together in a single life.

Nowadays we have been too focused on ourselves, the “I got to do this”, “I have this problem”, making us sometimes forget that in most occasions its actually we, not I. OK it’s true no one is going to write my assignments, do my exams, but doing an exam is more then that, doing the exam, is attending the classes, studying, think about the content, all all that process involves others, even when the involvement is slight, a text from a friend while you are in class, a call from your mother while you are cramming, that fist bump you share before taking the exam. And in those moments, although the responsibility is in fact yours, it becomes a multi-man operation, because life does not stop because of Algebra I or Finance II.

All I’m saying, and I realize this post is filled with common places and things that have been explored to death, but is never good to remember this, to know that you, are not alone, and every action is shared.

Don’t close yourselves with this new era, with tomorrow, open yourself, seek and offer help, and as one of my favorite comedians once said

“Aproveitem a vida e ajudem-se uns aos outros. Apreciem cada momento. Agradeçam e não deixem nada por dizer. Nada por fazer.”

Antonio Feio

Or in English, “Enjoy life and help each other. Enjoy each moment. Be thankful and leave nothing to say. Nothing to do.” He was an amazing Portuguese comedian, larger then life individual, and was pretty much a joy to see him act, he died of cancer in 2010, leaving this and many more teachings behind.

And for me at least for now, and forever, this is my main goal, my biggest hurdle. Im going to enjoy life, taking responsibilities and hard work more seriously, I’m going to let people in easier, and going to be less closed.


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