Under the Covers – Ninja Sex Party {Album Review}

Released: March 4, 2016, Genre: Rock, synthpop, pop rock Length: 45:50 Label: Self-released Producer: Brent Lilley

Ninja Sex Party (NPS), weird name right? I know, usually they are a comedy duo, focusing on sexual jokes and things like that (I actually like their work a lot), and to those that don’t know the Web show Game Grumps NPS can fly under the radar. But their Cover album is something that you can’t miss.

Let me backtrack for a bit, since the intro was kinda confusing. NPS is a band constituted by consisting  of singer Danny SexBang (Dan Avidan’s alter ego) and the silent keyboardist Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht’s Alter ego).  And as stated before they usually sing about love, sex, seduction, dragons, fantasy and more sex. and to be honest it kinda works conceptually. Having Ninja Brian as a silent homicidal ninja and Danny, a exuberant sex driven Jew (not trying to be insensitive or anything like that, Dan Avidan is actually a Jew, and his character is described as a Jew), it’s just a fun “thing” to listen and watch (talking about their music videos, usually with intentional sub-par edition).

But in Under the covers, they really have a chance to shine, a chance to both of them show their talents. Danny has an amazing voice, perfectly suited for the songs covered,   with a manly high pitch and an unusual tone. While Ninja Brian, flawlessly plays along in the background. Personally, some of their renditions can actually match the feel and quality of the originals (this is written by a kid born in the 90’s and therefore wasn’t around when this song exploded in the radios).

Rating: 4,5/5

Favorite Track: Misunderstanding

Do I recommend it?: Yes, definitely, give it a listen or two! It’s been a permanent fixture on my daily listening routine ever since July 2016

Wolfheart Out!



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