90’s kids, Nostalgia Galore

If you browse enough arround the internet you will notice something there is a chunk of the internet that is utterly obsessed with 90’s culture, from ear worm songs to series, merchandise, toys, tech, well pretty much everything. But is there a specific reason for this obsession? I mean shouldn’t “older” decades be in the spotlight instead of the 90’s? Well…perhaps….but overall no.

The so-called 90’s kids (born somewhere from the late 80’s to late 90’s), those who had their infancy during this decade were, and are, a rather unique bunch, they were born in the midst of the analog conversion, and were born in a rather peaceful time.

I’m going to switch from the third person discuss to first person, because, after all I’m a 90’s kid.

So, and repeating myself a bit, we were born in a time of both technologic revolution and some social economic stability. This made our childhood a bliss (I am aware that there are those who didn’t have access to the same resources I did, nor were born in this peace, I’m writing this post from the point of view of a middle class european kid, the case is similar in the USA and in some developed countries, but I know this wasnt a worldwide phenomenon) there were enough toys to go arround, our parents were happy and had “stable” jobs, the world was great.


The 90’s had a sleuth of technological developments that made them unique, I’m not saying that these things were exclusive to this decade, but the seeds of the analog to digital conversion were laid from the late 80’s and during the 90’s.

The rise of internet, the new video game generations (and the birth of many of the icons of the industry), mobile communication you name it.

This together with the rise of cable programming, bring tons of series dedicated to the youth. But I’ll dedicate another post to the tech pop culture of the 90’s.

Political Changes

Well the proverbial shit hit the fan arround the turn of the millennium, (most of us were still kids (in the year 2000 I was still 9 years old), and many things began to change, there was a shift in the politics of the world, terrorism started casting some dark clouds that would mark the first decade of the millenium in ways no one could predict. The first BIG of this “shit hit the fan” moments came in september 2001, on the eleventh.

This is probably the biggest event that happened during my childhood, I recall getting a Nintendo 64, going to school, Pokemon, Power Rangers, and 11th September 2001. This is true to me and most of the 90’s kids. After this a whole range of events come to memory, London, Madrid, etc. And  to this you can add other events like the mailing of anthrax and the whole “fear of what is yet to come”. Off course this had economic repercussions, but Il get to economy later on.

Economic Changes

Like the political shift in the 2000’s so did the economy shifted, and the biggest shift was the arround 2006 to 2008 with Market Crashes; Housing Bubble and Credit Crisis. And since I’m not really analysing the economy side of this phenomenon, im going to leave it like this.


All of this, all of this changes (for better or worse) shaped our childhood, and we take the culture of the 90’s as a safe haven, a recollection of time where things were simpler, a time where buildings weren’t hit by planes, were our parents weren’t freaking out because of the home market. I think that this post brought more questions than answers, but those “answers” will come in later posts, with further socio-ecomical-political-cultural analyses and proper research to back it up.

Wolfheart Out



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