US Elections

Let me start by stating that I’M NOT AMERICAN.

Ok, now that the announcements are done with, let me continue.

Hillary Rodham ClintonI’m a European citizen, a Portuguese one for that fact, and as such, the US elections are always something to see and admire, a bit like a world cup, only with the fate of one of the biggest nations at stake.

Being born in 1991, I can recall Bush-Al Gore elections vaguely, followed by the 2004 elections that thanks to Wikipedia I now recall being Bush-Kerry, then came the Obama era, first against Mccain in 2008 and later against Biden in 2012.

The Bush administration is a bit unknown to me, I know about the war on terrorism, the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan. But I was honestly a bit too young to understand, and far too ignorant to care. I recall that the reason was somehow connected to 9/11, but again I was far to concern at the time with other stuff (Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh aren’t going to watch themselves)

2008 was a bit different, I not only recall the race but I think that I have a solid grasp on the Obama administration (at least comparing to Bush’s). And the whole “first black president of the USA” that was groundbreaking.

But the idea of this post is not to debate neither Bush’s nor Obama’s time as president. I want to talk about the Presidential race, Hillary and Trump. Pardon my french, but what the fuck was this crap?

trump_0Really, never had I seen the expression “the less of two evils” being thrown around this much. On one hand, we have a clown, on the other someone that loses confidential and important information.

We have someone with business qualities and a proven politician.

A clown and goofball (not written in any specific order).

The general consensus of most people I talk to point to Hilary being clearly the best candidate, but this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as it is on a comparison base. People prefer Hillary to Trump. This is not the same as saying people prefer Hillary.

Picture taken from

Unfortunately, I’m not wise enough when it comes to politics to point what is wrong nor right about neither candidates. I wish I could understand how could a country as big and with many great thinkers like America decides to choose , yes choose because there were many elections to reach these two candidates. Is this a case of Panem et circenses over real matters? Is that the reason? Or is it some kind of self-destruction pact that most of the world doesn’t know?

It really had to come to a dispute between a sexist incoherent Buffon and a compulsive liar?

If I were to write why either of them is bad for the job this post would be so much longer, around 2000 pages, where roughly 1700 were dedicated to Trump.

All of this to say…Good Luck America! Hope you make the best choice you can.





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