Today would be your 56th birthday, and rigth now we would probably be downing some brewskies, after all it was something you truly enjoyed.I sometimes think what would you think of me today. I wonder how would our relation be.

How “dorkly” cool would we look since I (subconsciously) emulated my style after yours, from the leather jacket to the rayban aviator style.

But thanks to those that knew you I know that in me and within me o carry much of you, from our weird sense of humor, to many facial expressions (that more than once my my mother take a second glance) to a passion to sci fi, music and cinema. These last 3 can only be either the best or the worst, no time for mediocrity.
I wonder how you would react to my aversion to math, and if you try to make me change that. Those that knew you say that you were always an interesting conversationalist, I wonder if I would captivate you as much as others were captivated by you.

You left too early. And behind you left a ton of lessons and memories, a pipe tobacco scent, and an irreplaceable in my life. 

There were moments that we never shared, and bikes we never road. But I try to include you in most things I do, at least the big ones. From wearing something that was yours, to dressing to what is now my style as well.
Finally, I know that usually on the 9th of June I cry my eyes out, on this date I usually have a faint remenicent smile, one that I belive I also stole from you. Rest In Peace father. 


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