Discording life away

This text can be seen as the “spiritual successor” of another post I’ve done a couple of years ago, “StreetPassing life away“, but this time in broadening the spectre. I’m not going to focus only on real life friends, but also “virtual” ones.
And to do so let me begin by stating something, through this text is going to talk and differentiate Real Life friends and online friends, and by doing so it might seem that in ranking real life friends above the online ones, well in most cases it is true, but I want you to realise that those, for me, are just labels, in the same way, I could do a text about “metalhead friends” and “geek friends”, just labels. With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

it is no secret that my interests dabble on the geeky/nerdy part of the social spectrum, and I like to call myself a “gamer” (although….not a good one), and just like in most things, I gravitate towards people that share said interests, that being said, while paying Blizzard’s “latest” game I’ve come across a community, with a rather curious name…”Battle Hamsters”.
And with such a weird name, I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much. But still, I ventured forward, I booted up Overwatch, joined a group where some “battle hamsters” were playing (well the process is streamlined for this text simplicity sake).
As we ventured through the “Hanamura” map, I starting voice chatting with my teammates, and in the group was the “leader” of the hamster’s Roadhog*.

It didn’t take long for me to like the group, and Roadhog takes most of the blame for this!
basically, I had stumbled on a group of European gamers that shared not only interests but were really interesting individuals as well….I had found a community, something that in all actuality I have never found before. Of course, I have friends and friends that share similar interests, but never to this point.
But this isn’t the best part of this event in my life, all was relatively normal until, one of us shared some personal problem with the group and immediately he received support, some banter -but in good spirits-, and overall he received help, advice and someone to listen to him.
As the days progressed, I’ve met more and more of this amazing battle rodents. And end up befriending many of them, wonderful people that seem to be “both 6, 16, 66 years old” like the one and only Reinhart (that in my humble opinion shares some traits with the character he prefers to play with, as well as Mercy, that seems to jump from caring person to uber troll (troll is an internet term for jokester), to more recent additions to the roster but I don’t think that describing all the idiosyncrasies of every battle hamster.
But instead, I can state that they have influenced me positively, and are in part responsible for my newly found optimist and depression-free(ish) look on the world.

And I know for a fact that this kind of comunity has a place in MANY, diferent interests, not only overwatch, so if you have yet to found a comunity….keep looking.

And as always….Tom signing off

*To keep their names both in-game and within the group anonymous I’m going to mention them as the Overwatch characters they play the most or at least the one that I associate with


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