“It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be”

Yesterday, around two AM, I was having trouble falling asleep, and like so decided to pick up my phone to put some soothing music, probably one of the Spotify Pre-Made sleep playlists, but in doing so, I took the phone out of the “do not disturb” mode. Seconds later I’ve heard the email notification sound, that “swoosh” we are all too familiarised with.

And since I just turned de music on, though what is wrong with 2 extra minutes of not sleeping. So why not let’s check the damn thing

It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be – Rise Against

Being the massive Rise Against Fan I am my interest peaked! And I was greeted by this little enigmatic image. Untitled

Could it be?! Could this possibly indicate that Rise Against would release a new album? Following the link lead to a web page with the same block of text, that weird string of text, but instead of the “enter here” button a Password box. My first instinct was to write Rise Against, but to no avail, other tries included guesses like, Wolf, Sheep, Album…until I tried Wolves….BINGO!

I was greeted by what seemed to be a glitching screen, that revealed, or hinted that my prediction was not wrong.


While all of this was exciting, I decided to untangle those weird cryptic strings of text, my assumptions was those were the titles of the future songs, so after a bit of deleting, I reach some delightful results:

  1. Wolves
  2. House on Fire
  3. (The)Violence
  4. Welcome to the Breakdown
  5. Far From Perfect
  6. Bullshit Song
  7. Politics of Abuse/Love
  8. Parts Per Millions
  9. Morning Amerika
  10. How Many Walls
  11. Miracle

And earlier today, a 15-second teaser was posted on their facebook….for a song called Violence

All I can say is that….I’m so freacking excited, Rise Against, Wolves, oh boy!


Tom signing off…..with a fanboy smile!


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