Saban’s Power Ranger Review

Go go Power Nostalgia!

power_rangers_ver2A couple of years after the huge success the series had in both USA and Europe, the western version of Power Rangers received a new cinema remake, that, to be honest, left me with a grin on my face. Directed by Dean Israelite “Power Rangers” have been mighty morphing reborn. The movie is pretty much one of those “120 minutes big tv episode” kind of deal, albeit with some blockbuster magic thrown in for good measure.



When it comes to the plot, well it’s the fusion between any other origin story, and what I’ve decided to name the Power Ranger formula, which I’ll explain in just a bit. We follow the story of a ragtag group of “teenagers with attitude” (pretty much like in the 90’s Series), who we learn are the chosen ones, the protectors of Earth’s ZeoCrystal (wich apparently is a crystal that gives life, or is formed by life….you know the deal). But as the movie begins we know nothing of that, instead, we follow each specific ranger in a short arc that leads them to find Zordon’s base and eventually turn them into the Power rangers.


power_rangers_ver4I’ll avoid spoiling the plot, albeit is nothing that anyone that has seen a movie or a series of this type can’t imagine. But I’ll focus on the cast, wich was surprisingly interesting, and even joked with some of the “deep-rooted stereotypes” of the series, you see in the TV show the Rangers colour, was…well predictable, the Asian ranger had the yellow suit, the black ranger was … well … black, and so on. So we have Jason, the red ranger (portrayed by Dacre Montgomery), Kimberly, the pink ranger (portrayed by Naomi Scott), Billy, the blue Ranger (portrayed by RJ Cycler), Zack, the Black ranger (portrayed by Ludi Lin) and Dini… hmm Trini, the yellow ranger (portrayed by Becky G.), as well as Zordon  (portrayed by Bryan Cranston), Alpha 5  (voiced by the SNL veteran Bill Hader) and finally our bad guy, well bad girl …. er hmmm… yeah….our villain Rita Repulsa (portrayed by Elizabeth Banks)

Overall it was a slow paced movie but laid solid foundations to a sequel, they used almost everything the show had to offer, but in a less sparkly way.

Overall a solid movie, with good young talent, and with one of the best casts in terms of diversity, without being diversity for the sake of diversity. With an autistic character that isn’t treated like sub-human, nor like a messianic super genius (looking at you Abed from Community). And also a sort of realistic portrayal of actual teenager problems, not the overdramatic messes that we have been shown in the past. Their problems are relatable, in most cases, with enough flair not to be boring but real enough not to make you roll your eyes.



So if you were a fan back in the day, want to gobble up popcorns while staring at a screen or just want a solid action movie, this movie is for you.

Not a masterpiece in any universe, but a solid movie nonetheless.

Wolheart’s Rating – 71 / 100 This rating might be a little boosted by my nostalgia goggles, but that is part of the movie’s appeal.



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