Fado, saudades, life

I talk a lot about feelings and my attitude towards then, but more often than not I end up giving it a sad note. Which honestly does not go well with my view of the world. Not anymore at least. 

What if I told you that in the Portuguese lexicon there is a word that is both sad and incredibly happy, “saudade” 

I belive I’ve written about it before, but today I felt it again, stronger than ever. You see today my mother, an authentic force of nature celebrates her birthday, and during lunch today I decided to write her a Facebook birthday note (we had talked on the phone and texted before), it just happened that today I had lunch in a portuguese restaurant. And well it all came crashing down inside. In the best way possible, the food, the ambience, and that text ended up transporting me to another place…not a specific place, let alone a specific time… I was just… In a time bubble.

And it was amazing, my eyes were wet and my smile broad. Saudade is that, that happy sadness that bring memories from your life… That energy that cuddles you in the night… The longing you feel for those more important…it is such a unique feeling that I can’t really convey in any combination of words… It always feels incomplete, no matter what I say. If you are familiar with Fado, you know saudade, that fire in you soul that holds the past dearly without hindering you in there.

The reason  I connect both Fado and saudade together isn’t just a random comparison, as both can be incredibly complex. And looking, rather listening, to Fado we can find pieces that evoke laughter, other sadness, but in the end they all fill your soul (obviously I’m going on a limb and generalizing), and bring this metaphor back to my lunch, they are like a hot soup filled with childhood flavours after a long day of walking, while you talk with family far away, wishing to be there but happy for steeping away from you comfort zone. Yeah I know confusing… But that’s my point, life is saudade, and life is complicated! But fuck isn’t it a wonderful thing!

SO instead of my usual “Tom signing off”… I’ll give you a challenge, a challenge that was issued by a comedian loved in Portugal, a hilarious man that was taken by cancer way too soon

Aproveitem a vida e ajudem-se uns aos outros. Apreciem cada momento. Agradeçam e não deixem nada por dizer, nada por fazer  

António Feio

Enjoy life and help each other. Appreciate each moment. Give thanks and never let anything unsaid, nothing undone
This way you’ll live a full life, and when life gets you down, saudade will warm your dark and cold nights, or at the very least a spark, that will alow you to spread your fire! 


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