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Discording life away

This text can be seen as the "spiritual successor" of another post I've done a couple of years ago, "StreetPassing life away", but this time in broadening the spectre. I'm not going to focus only on real life friends, but also "virtual" ones. And to do so let me begin by stating something, through this… Continue reading Discording life away

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Hyrule Warriors Legends {Nintendo 3DS}- Review In September 19, 2014 Hyrule Warriors was released for the Wii U (European date), and I was completely bumped out because I don't own one of those thingy Magigis. I mean Dynasty Warriors and LEGEND OF ZELDA?...Sign me up! But like many other games I ignored and keep on with my life....Until the 3DS… Continue reading Hyrule Warriors Legends {Nintendo 3DS}- Review

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Anicomics – Volunteer Experience [Interest Wendnesday]

Well this past weekend I've experienced something unique, volunteering in a pop culture event. I'm a known partaker in pop culture events, heck I even reviewed two of them in this blog (Games 13 and Middle East Comic Con 14 both of them in Dubai), and now I volunteered to one in my hometown of… Continue reading Anicomics – Volunteer Experience [Interest Wendnesday]

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Fire Emblem Awakening

Antes de começar esta review tenho que confessar umas quantas coisas.... Primeiro; esta é a primeira review que faço em termos de videojogos, Segundo; esta é a minha primeira tentativa seria(ish) de uma review; Terceiro (e final); devido a motivos pessoais nunca pensei que fosse arranjar este jogo. Posto isto e os demais factos vou… Continue reading Fire Emblem Awakening