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Zelda and me. A Vlog

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Hyrule Warriors Legends {Nintendo 3DS}- Review In September 19, 2014 Hyrule Warriors was released for the Wii U (European date), and I was completely bumped out because I don't own one of those thingy Magigis. I mean Dynasty Warriors and LEGEND OF ZELDA?...Sign me up! But like many other games I ignored and keep on with my life....Until the 3DS… Continue reading Hyrule Warriors Legends {Nintendo 3DS}- Review

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Throughout the years I've played several of the Pokemon games (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Soul Silver, Diamond, White, Black 2, Y and finally alpha Sapphire), and there is a small number of these critters that have been in my possession for the longest time, actually since 2003, and in my current game I managed to keep… Continue reading Nostalgia, Water, Hoenn, time

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My Tattoos

Today I'm giving a tune up to my tattoos, so I figured it would be the perfect time to explain all of mine (well there are only 3 of them but still). My first one was made in the 10th anniversary of my father's death, over a scar made outta self mutilation, a scar that… Continue reading My Tattoos

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The Top “stuff”s from 2013

As you probably found out we are now in 2014! YEY....Happy new year! *Trows confetti and makes loud noises* Sorry about that, I get too exited sometimes. Ok back on track, as I was saying 2013 is over and 2014 has just began, and to honor the past year I would like to talk about… Continue reading The Top “stuff”s from 2013

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Pokemon Stories-Part 3

NOW IN FULL COLOR! The second generation was born, bringing not only colors but also another 100 Pokémon to the count...but still under the tagline "Gotta catch 'em all!", which was now a little harder. This game was everything i could ever wanted as a kid, the Pokémon I loved new Pokémon to catch, awesome… Continue reading Pokemon Stories-Part 3

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Pokemon X Y Review

It as been a while since my last update, but I haven't had the courage/patience to write here...But hey here I am. And as I promised I bring you my very own Pokemon XY review. As many of you might know Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are different games, well the story is the same… Continue reading Pokemon X Y Review

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Pokemon Stories-Part 2

I've defeated the elite 4 several times, and I maxed out all my favorites, and unfortunately I was getting bored of Pokemon Blue, luckily for me and my my "poke"enthusiasm Game Freak launched a new installment, Pokemon Yellow. Starring as a cover "man", erhmm cover Pokemon, the mascot of the whole franchise, famous Pikachu the… Continue reading Pokemon Stories-Part 2

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Pokemon Stories-Part 1

The year was 1999 and the "poke" fever was burning high, and with only 8 years I was infected, so naturally when I've heard that there was going to be a Pokémon game...OMG...I was on cloud nine, I knew that I needed to had it. With some money I had saved from my birthday and… Continue reading Pokemon Stories-Part 1

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Countdown to X and Y

As you might realized by now, I'm a gamer, a full pledged gamer. I've traveled trougth many countries, realms, worlds and universes, all the way from San Andreas to Hyrule and Azeroth. But there is one game, rather a series of games that both challenge, captivate and amuse me...a lot. The famous Pokemon games. I… Continue reading Countdown to X and Y