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Discording life away

This text can be seen as the "spiritual successor" of another post I've done a couple of years ago, "StreetPassing life away", but this time in broadening the spectre. I'm not going to focus only on real life friends, but also "virtual" ones. And to do so let me begin by stating something, through this… Continue reading Discording life away

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Open Letter to Depression

Dear Depression I know I'm not the first to this nor will I be the last, I also know your are unique to me, like to anyone who knows you like this. Nonetheless Hello! We have known each other for some time know, we first got acquainted when I was 13, you came to my life in… Continue reading Open Letter to Depression

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Today at university, during a break, I had a conversation that went something like this: "Me-Sometimes I hide too much behind the fact that I'm an introvert Colleague-Since when are YOU an introverted" I was honestly astonished, I never had my "Introvertness" questioned, actually until this point I had it confirmed and, or, agreed upon.… Continue reading Introvertness

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Facing Challanges

Monday the fifth of September marked the begging of another semester, and with it a whole bunch of challenges. I'm not questing that university itself will be a challenge, that is kind of a given fact, something no one can actually contest. But what I'm talking about is the on going ones in our lives, the… Continue reading Facing Challanges

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Ok! Summerslam was a hell of a PPV, with Dean and Roman beating the crap out of the Wyatt family, and Seth becoming the first WWE heavyweigth and USA champion. But It also means that Now it's time for me to show my evolution trougthout the month. The results were not as good as I… Continue reading ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA – STAGE TWO SUMMERSLAM