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Old Essay

Today I've decided to do some spring cleaning, and took EVERYTHING, out of my closet/shelves/whatever and cleaned it "undust" it and rearrange it. At some point I opened an old notebook....well over 10 years old, and to my astonishment I discovered an old English essay, and although I don't really have a date I reckon it is… Continue reading Old Essay

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Vlogs IV and V

Like D-storm would say another day another challenge, so I've challenged myself to produce another Vlog! And here it is! And as fate would have it, the video had some problems, so I decided to shoot a second one for today (3rd of April)

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Prime68 – JW Marriott Marquis -Dubai |Quick Bite Review|

  The view, the food, the ambiance, the .... Magnitude!!! It was an out of this world experience, a unique sensation. Over the years I have had the luck to go fine dinning, but not ever quite like this. Prime 68 is a steakhouse located on the tallest hotel in the world (as of 2015)… Continue reading Prime68 – JW Marriott Marquis -Dubai |Quick Bite Review|

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The Sum of Us – Dubai |Quick Bite Review|

A cool and hipster looking place, with nice fusion cuisine. Do you like classics like burgers? Do you enjoy mixing cuisines like american and korean? Do you like good interesting food at reasonable prices? This is the place for you! From Coffeehouse to restaurant, it has a nice range! I've tried the Katsu (?) Chicken,… Continue reading The Sum of Us – Dubai |Quick Bite Review|

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Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time [Interest Wednesday]

First and foremost....First Interest Wednesday, all alright!! To start off this kind of posts I'm bringing something out of You Tube, a unique cooking show, that makes the famous Epic Meal Time, seem like a bunch of dandy gentlemen, and these barbaric cooks come from none other than the country of Build it yourself Furniture… Continue reading Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time [Interest Wednesday]